One determined goal:

Portray The "Essential".

Contemporary life seldomly portrays us objectively, the idyllic and stereotypical character representations to which we are duly subjected appear far removed from the world in which we live. This illusion creates an obtuse perspective of life, disconnecting us from ourselves and as a result disconnecting us from others.

The traits that define us as individuals establish our identity, buried deep within they remain exempt from manipulative media vectors and peer pressure.

My work is an attempt to get past the "actor", the "mask", the "facade" that contemporary life provokes within us and to bring to the surface the true identity, dignity and grace that lies within each of us.

Regardless of the interpretation that my work may be given: as art, as a personal vision, as an instant; it remains a realistic reminder of how we were, who we are and what we can be.

Roy Whitehead, 2011


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